Our Lady of Sorrows

From To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons (A compilation of messages given by Our Lady to Fr. Stefano Gobbi.)

The Sabbath of My Great Sorrow

Dongo (Como, Italy); April 18, 1987
Holy Saturday

  1. “My beloved sons, remain today close to me, who am your so sorrowful Mother. This is the day of my great sorrow. It is the only day that I lived with Jesus dead.
  2. After having devoutly placed Him in the sepulchre with the help of John and the holy women, after a great stone had been rolled before the entrance of his tomb, for the first time I remained without my Son. Time, for me, came to a halt at that moment.
  3. Then began my continual vigil, in an unceasing prayer which gave rhythm to the passing of the hours, in a firm hope which succeeded in penetrating the door of heaven, in a profound and intense suffering, until I was finally able to give free expression to my motherly sorrow, and continuous tears flowed down from my eyes, as though to form a cradle of weeping, in which to place all of you, who had been entrusted to me by Jesus on the Cross.
  4. It is the Sabbath of the great repose.
    It is the Sabbath of the great silence.
    It is the Sabbath of my great sorrow.
    It is the one and only day on which the Mother remains alone, crucified and imploring, confident and faithful, crushed under the weight of her suffering.
  5. It is the day when your Mother too has such need of comfort. It is the day when the Mother has need of the love of all her children.
  6. I gather you today in my motherly arms and am consoled to feel that you truly love me as children. It seems to me that I again hear his voice, reaching out in his extreme and most precious offering: ‘Woman, behold your son!’ (Jn 19:26)
  7. Today, in the cradle of this sorrow of mine, all of you open yourselves to receive the divine fruit of this, his ultimate gift. This is my day, and yours. Enter into the new sabbatical repose of my spiritual motherhood. The Church has received this gift as the first fruit of the passion and the death of my Son Jesus. This is the reason why — from most ancient times — the tradition has spread of dedicating Saturday to a special veneration in my respect.
  8. I am asking you again today to consecrate this day to me. It is the day that marks the passing of time between the death and resurrection of Jesus. It is a day of passage for all: from death to life, from passion to glory, from egoism to love, from slavery to freedom, from deepest darkness to the light which knows no decline. Enter into this luminous repose.
  9. This is why I invite you again to dedicate Saturday in my honor, so that I can help you to enter into your repose, by living each day your pasch together with me, the sorrowful Mother of the Passion and the joyful Mother of the Resurrection.”

Why Am I Still Weeping?

Akita (Japan); September 15, 1987
Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

  1. “I have wanted you here, O son so loved by me and so plotted against by my Adversary, at the liturgy which commemorates my sorrows and my motherly sharing in all the immense suffering of my Son Jesus.
  2. In this journey of yours, so strewn with extraordinary graces which come from my Immaculate Heart and descend into the souls of my beloved ones and of all my children, I have led you today to this place blessed by me, before the statue which recalls the mystery of my co-redemption.
  3. I stood beneath the Cross of Jesus. I am beneath the cross which each of my sons is carrying. I am beneath the cross which the Church and all this poor sinful humanity is carrying today. I am true Mother and true Co-redemptrix.
  4. From the eyes of this image of myself, I have caused miraculous tears to fall more than a hundred times and over the course of several years.
  5. Why am I still weeping?
  6. I am weeping because humanity is not accepting my motherly invitation to conversion and to its return to the Lord. It is continuing to run with obstinacy along the road of rebellion against God and against his Law of love. The Lord is openly denied, outraged and blasphemed. Your heavenly Mother is publicly despised and held up for ridicule. My extraordinary requests are not being accepted; the signs of my immense sorrow which I am giving are not believed in.
  7. Your neighbor is not loved: every day attacks are made upon his life and his goods. Man is becoming ever more corrupt, godless, wicked and cruel. A chastisement worse than the flood is about to come upon this poor and perverted humanity. Fire will descend from heaven, and this will be the sign that the justice of God has as of now fixed the hour of his great manifestation.
  8. I am weeping because the Church is continuing along the road of division, of loss of the true faith, of apostasy and of errors which are being spread more and more without anyone offering opposition to them. Even now, that which I predicted at Fatima and that which I have revealed here in the third message confided to a little daughter of mine is in the process of being accomplished. And so, even for the Church the moment of its great trial has come, because the man of iniquity will establish himself within it and the abomination of desolation will enter into the holy temple of God.
  9. I am weeping because, in great numbers, the souls of my children are being lost and going to hell.
  10. I am weeping because too few are those who accede to my request to pray, to make reparation, to suffer and to offer.
  11. I am weeping because I have spoken to you and have not been listened to; I have given you miraculous signs, and I have not been believed; I have manifested myself to you in a strong and continuous way, but you have not opened the doors of your hearts to me.
  12. At least you, my beloved ones and children consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, little remnant which Jesus is guarding jealously in the secure enclosure of his divine love, harken to and accept this sorrowful request of mine which, from this place, I address again today to all the nations of the earth. Prepare yourselves to receive Christ in the splendor of his glory, because the great day of the Lord has even now arrived.”

Into the Sorrow of My Desolation

Dongo (Como, Italy); April 2, 1988
Holy Saturday, First Saturday

  1. “This is the Holy Saturday. It is the day of my great sorrow. It is the day of my incessant prayer.
  2. During this Marian Year, consecrated to me, this day coincides with the first Saturday of the month. I came from heaven to ask you to offer me the five first Saturdays of the month. I asked this of my daughter, Sister Lucia, when she was in the convent of Pontevedra, on the 10th of December, 1925. I asked that this day be spent in a spirit of reparation for the offenses which are directed at your heavenly Mother.
  3. Why, among all the days of the week, have I asked you to offer Saturday to me? To recall the painful hours, spent by me, during the only day when I remained without my Son. The body of Jesus lies dead, placed in his new sepulchre, and I am keeping vigil, continually recollected in my virginal sorrow, in intimate union of faith, of love and of hope with the Heavenly Father, who bows down over the wounds of my inexpressible longing, with a kiss of his divine comfort.
  4. Today I want all of you near me, the sorrowful Mother, to be consoled by you and to teach you to pray with confidence, to suffer with docility, to love with purity of heart, to believe with unshakeable certitude, to hope with heroism, even against the evidence of things.
  5. This is the day when I receive you into the sorrow of my desolation, and I open the door to you so that all may be able to enter into the secure dwelling place of my spiritual motherhood. This is the day which sprouted forth like a flower, upon the heroism of my love, of my sorrow, of my faith and of my firm hope. It is the day of your new repose.
  6. For this reason I am asking you to offer it to me, with the recitation of the holy rosary, with the meditation upon its mysteries, with sacramental Confession and a Communion of reparation, and with the renewal of your act of consecration to my Immaculate Heart. In this way you can make reparation for the offenses which are directed at me and which cause my Heart to suffer so much.
  7. Among the errors which are being diffused today, there are even those which touch the person and the honor of your heavenly Mother. My Immaculate Conception and my fullness of grace is denied by some; others no longer believe in the great privilege of my perpetual virginity and of my divine and universal motherhood. And those children who have particular need of me, such as tiny babes, the little ones, the poor, the simple and the sinners are kept far away from me. Moreover, even my images are often removed from places of worship.
  8. To make amends for these offenses which are being committed against the Immaculate Heart of your heavenly Mother, I am asking you to propagate again today the devotion of the five first Saturdays of the month. I had asked for this during the first part of this century of yours; I am returning today to ask for it as this century turns towards its most painful close.
  9. If you do what I ask of you, devotion to me will spread more and more, and then I will be able to exercise the great power which the Most Holy Trinity has granted to me. Thus I will be able to prepare for all humanity the new era of its complete renovation, in the glorious triumph of my Son Jesus.”

Great Is My Sorrow

Fatima (Portugal); September 15, 1989
Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

  1. “Share, beloved sons, in my sorrow. I am your sorrowful Mother. My Immaculate Heart is being pierced with numerous and painful thorns.
  2. The dominion of my Adversary is becoming daily greater and greater, and his power is expanding in hearts and in souls.
    A dense darkness has now descended upon the world.
    It is the darkness of the obstinate rejection of God.
    It is the darkness of sin, committed, justified and no longer confessed.
    It is the darkness of lust and of impurity.
    It is the darkness of unbridled egoism and of hatred, of division and of war.
    It is the darkness of the loss of faith and of apostasy.
  3. In the chalice of my Immaculate Heart, I am gathering, again today, all the pain of my Son Jesus, who is mystically again living through the bloody hours of his agony. A new Gethsemane for Jesus is to see today his Church so violated and deserted, where the greater part of its pastors are sleeping in indifference and in tepidity, while others repeat the act of Judas and betray it out of thirst for power and for money.
  4. The Dragon is exulting at the vastness of his conquest, with the help of the Black Beast and the beast like a lamb, in these days of yours, when the devil has unleashed himself upon you, knowing that there is little time left him. For this reason, the days of my greatest sorrow have also arrived.
  5. Great is my sorrow in seeing my Son Jesus again despised and scourged in his word, rejected because of pride and lacerated through human and rationalistic interpretations.
  6. Great is my sorrow in contemplating Jesus, really present in the Eucharist, more and more forgotten, abandoned, offended and trampled upon.
  7. Great is my sorrow in seeing my Church divided, betrayed, stripped and crucified.
  8. Great is my sorrow in seeing my Pope (John Paul II) who is succumbing under the weight of a most heavy cross, as he is being surrounded with complete indifference on the part of bishops, priests and faithful.
  9. Great is my sorrow for an ever vaster number of my poor children, who are running along the road of evil and of sin, of vice and of impurity, of egoism and of hatred, with the great danger of being eternally lost in hell.
  10. And so I am asking you today, children consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, that which, in this very place in May 1917, I asked of my three little children, Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco, to whom I appeared.
  11. Do you also want to offer yourselves as victims to the Lord, on the altar of my Immaculate Heart, for the salvation of all my poor sinful children? If you accept this request of mine, you must do what I now ask of you:
    — Pray ever more and more, especially with the holy rosary.
    — Make frequent hours of adoration and of Eucharistic reparation.
    — Accept with love all the sufferings which the Lord sends you.
    — Spread without fear the message which I am giving you, as heavenly Prophetess of these last times of yours.
  12. If you only knew the chastisement which awaits you if you again close the door of your hearts to the anguished voice of your heavenly Mother! Because the divine Heart of my Son Jesus has entrusted to my Immaculate Heart the last and extreme attempt to lead you all to salvation.”

The Hour of My Great Sorrow

Sant’ Omero (Teramo, Italy); September 15, 1992
Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

  1. “Beloved children, remain today with me, your sorrowful Mother, who have begotten you beneath the Cross, upon which my Son Jesus died for your salvation. I am the Mother of Sorrows.
  2. Enter today into the deep mystery of my desolation, in order to understand how my spiritual and universal motherhood is exercised above all in love and in sorrow.
  3. In love for all of you, my children; in sorrow for your sorrows, for the grave dangers which threaten you, for the many sufferings of these last times of the great tribulation.
  4. For this reason, the days through which you are living mark also the hour of my great sorrow.
  5. — It is the hour of my great sorrow for the Church, my dearly beloved Daughter.
  6. How grievously the Church is suffering in these times, as she carries her great cross and climbs the bloodstained Calvary of her passion and her bloody immolation!
  7. Never before, as today, has the Church been made so utterly like my Son Jesus. She is like Him in solitude and abandonment; she is like Him in denial and betrayal; she is like Him in contempt and condemnation; she is like Him in her crucifixion and in her agony.
  8. This is the hour of my great sorrow for the Church, because the hour of her redemptive passion has come.
  9. — It is the hour of my great sorrow for humanity, so ill and so reduced to slavery by the spirits of evil.
  10. The diabolical powers are ruling the earth and producing everywhere the wicked fruits of their dark reign. And thus this humanity has again become pagan, after almost two thousand years of its redemption and of the first announcement of the Gospel of salvation.
  11. Faithlessness and impiety again cover it; sins wound it; evil poisons it; pride rules it; impurity seduces it; egoism and hatred enchain it; Satan reduces it more and more to slavery and reigns over you with his diabolical power.
  12. This is the hour of my great sorrow for all this poor humanity, under the control of the spirits of evil, because the hour of its great chastisement has now come.
  13. — It is the hour of my great sorrow for you, my children.
  14. How heavy has the burden of your suffering become during these days! With tear-filled eyes, I look at the little children who have been led precociously into experiences of evil and sin; at the youth who have been ensnared and betrayed by the society in which they live, youth to whom false values have been proposed and who have now become victims of impurity and drugs; at the families who have become divided and destroyed; at the poor who are dying of hunger; at those who have been tortured and killed by wars; at the sick who are denied care and assistance; at the abandoned, the isolated, the despairing; at those who are in agony and those who are dying.
  15. As Mother, I am today at the side of each and every one who is groaning under the weight of their cross. Never do I abandon you; I am with you above all at the moment of your greatest need.
  16. This is the hour of my great sorrow for all of you, my poor children, because the time of your great suffering has come.
  17. Take refuge in me. Hasten to the sure refuge of my Immaculate Heart, because we must live together through the hour of the greatest trial, which has now come for you, for the Church and for all humanity.”

The Pierced Soul

Saskatoon (Saskatchewan, Canada); September 15, 1994
Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

  1. “ ‘A sword will pierce your soul.’ (cf. Lk 2:35) These words, spoken by the aged Simeon at the moment when I was offering my little Child to the Lord, were proven true during the whole course of my Son Jesus’ earthly life.
  2. From his infancy threatened by snares to his hidden youth; from his public life, filled with opposition, to his condemnation to the gibbet; from his ascent of Calvary to his death on the Cross: the entire life of Jesus was a continual fulfillment of this prophecy.
  3. It has been thus also for the Church, the Mystical Body of my Son Jesus. During its earthly journey, in the course of its history, interwoven with pain and blood, how many times my soul has been pierced by a sword!
  4. But above all, in these last times, is your heavenly Mother’s soul pierced with immense pain.
  5. My soul is pierced by the pain of all this poor humanity, which has distanced itself from its Lord in order to follow the idols of pleasure and comfort, of pride and money, of hatred and impurity. How great is the danger into which it can fall, the danger of destroying itself by its own hands!
  6. And so, as an anxious Mother, I am intervening in order to lead it along the road of conversion and penance, of a return to the Lord and of its salvation. But my extraordinary interventions are not accepted; on the contrary, they are often opposed and openly rejected.
  7. My soul is pierced in seeing my Church prostrate beneath the weight of a most painful agony. Those errors which lead to a loss of faith are being spread more and more within it. Sin is seducing the minds and hearts of many of my children. Many are giving in to the allurements of pleasures and falling into slavery to Satan, who has succeeded in seducing the whole earth.
  8. My Pope (John Paul II) is becoming more and more isolated, mocked, criticized and abandoned. Many from among the bishops and the priests are going along the road of disloyalty and are fading away like lights which are now burnt out. Many voracious wolves, in sheep’s clothing, are entering in to inflict slaughter on the sheep-fold of my Son Jesus.
  9. The Church is now being called to live through the hours of its passion and its bloody immolation.
  10. My soul is pierced by many souls who are being lost and going each day into hell. Help me to save them. Help me with prayer, with suffering, with your love, with your faithfulness. For this reason I am asking you to multiply your cenacles of prayer, in the conclusive time of the great tribulation. In this way, you help me to save many of my poor children, who are walking toward their eternal perdition.
  11. My soul is pierced in seeing into what a dire situation this great country, in which you find yourself, has fallen. It has again become pagan, a victim of materialism and of the mad search for pleasure. The Law of God is more and more violated, and the gift of life is being daily attacked through the innumerable abortions which are being carried out.
  12. Cry out to all with a resolute voice, to tell them of my immense sorrow. Announce, without fear, that the great chastisement has already begun and that, to be saved, you must enter as quickly as possible into the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart. Here, you will be consoled by me, and you yourselves will give comfort to my soul which, especially in these times, is again being pierced by an immense sorrow.”

A Sorrowful and Concerned Mother

Milan (Italy); December 31, 1994
Last Night of the Year

  1. “Beloved children, spend the last hours of this year with me, in prayer and recollection. How many spend these moments amidst a din of voices and images, which prevent you from understanding the gravity and the imminent dangers of the time in which you are living.
  2. I am a sorrowful and concerned Mother.
  3. — I am a sorrowful Mother, as I see this poor humanity, so far away from its Lord, a humanity which, with great irresponsibility and indifference, is walking along the road of sin and evil, of impurity and godlessness, of hatred and war.
  4. How great is the danger of humanity reaching the point of destroying itself by its own hands! I see your roads bathed with blood, while violence and hatred hurl themselves like a terrible hurricane upon the life of families and nations.
  5. — I am a sorrowful Mother, as I see the Church, my dearly beloved Daughter, prostrate beneath the cross of a most painful agony. How many deny and betray her! How many abandon and condemn her! How many revile and crucify her!
  6. Among these are even some of my beloved sons: bishops and priests who repeat and renew the deed of Judas who betrays, or that of Peter who denies, or of the Apostles who flee out of cowardice.
  7. You are called to be the new Johns, who remain with me beneath the cross upon which the Church is again being crucified and immolated for the salvation of the world.
  8. — I am a concerned Mother, because my extraordinary interventions, which I have carried out in order to lead you to conversion and salvation, have been neither accepted nor followed.
  9. How can you now save yourselves from the great chastisement which is upon you, if you have refused what the heavenly Mother has offered you for your salvation?
  10. — I am a concerned Mother because the time of the final events has now come. Until now, I have been able to put off the beginning of the great trial, through the response which I have received in every part of the world from my littlest children. But now you must enter into, and live out, the final time of the great tribulation.
  11. For these moments, I have raised up everywhere my Marian Movement of Priests. For this, I have brought this littlest son of mine to every part of the world, to make you enter, each and all, into the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart. Live within this refuge throughout the time of the great trial which has now come for all.
  12. And open your hearts to hope because, as of this year, you will see my motherly presence among you becoming ever brighter, more powerful, more frequent and more strongly experienced.”

Assuage My Sorrow

Capoliveri (Livorno, Italy); April 6, 1996
Holy Saturday, First Saturday

  1. “Beloved sons, stay close to your sorrowful Mother, on this one day when I remained without my Son. His body, hastily arranged and covered with purest linen, rests lifeless in his new sepulchre. I keep watch in sorrow and in prayer, in confidence and hope, in the certain expectation of his resurrection.
  2. — Assuage my sorrow. See if there is any sorrow like mine. My eyes again see with dismay all the cruelty, the wickedness, the inhuman ferocity of the crucifixion and the death of Jesus on the Cross.
  3. And I go back in my thoughts to the joyful moment of the Annunciation; to the heavenly songs of the angels and to the glad announcement given to the little ones and to the poor, the announcement of his birth in a cave; to the blessed time of his infancy threatened by snares; of his boyhood and youth as He bent over his daily work; to the brief and intense years of his public mission, when He proclaimed the Good News to all and was followed and listened to by the little ones, the poor, the sick and the sinners. My life has always been marked by the presence, close to me, of my Son Jesus.
  4. — Assuage my sorrow. Precisely to offer sweet company to my solitude, there spread — from the very first years of the Church — the pious custom of dedicating Saturday to a special veneration of your heavenly Mother. And at Fatima I asked that the five first Saturdays of the month be offered to me, as a sign of filial and loving reparation. And by means of my Marian Movement of Priests, this request of mine is now being accepted in every part of the world. And this gives great comfort to the sorrow of my Immaculate Heart.
  5. — Assuage my sorrow. This is also the first day of my new and spiritual motherhood. And so I look at all my children, whom Jesus has entrusted to me from the Cross, and I invite them to welcome into their own lives the precious gift of his redemption.
  6. How many there are, still today, who reject Him and who walk along the road of sin and evil, of violence and hatred, of pleasure and impurity. How great is my sorrow in seeing thus that the suffering of Jesus has been endured in vain, because the blood which He has shed for your salvation is being trampled underfoot by many.
  7. — Assuage my sorrow. I ask you to bring into the safe refuge of my Immaculate Heart all those who are far away, the atheists, the sinners, the slaves of sin and evil, those who are being seduced by the subtle snares of my Adversary and yours.
  8. For this reason, I want you all here today with me, on the one and only day when I have been left without my Son. Learn from me to believe, to hope and to love. Learn from me to entrust yourselves, with unshakable confidence, to the truth of the word of God. In moments of doubt and of darkness, ask of me the assistance to keep vigil in prayer and expectation.
  9. When Jesus will return to you in the splendor of his divine glory, then this poor sinful and wounded humanity, which is lying in the sepulchre of corruption and death, will come forth to begin at last the new times of its renewed life.”

Share in My Sorrow

Debrecen (Hungary); September 15, 1996
Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows

  1. “Share in my sorrow, beloved sons. A sword continues to pierce the soul of your heavenly Mother. To the little children to whom I appeared at Fatima, I have wished to show my Immaculate Heart surrounded with a crown of thorns, in order to make them understand how numerous and painful the wounds are which cause my motherly Heart to bleed.
  2. — Share in my sorrow, you who, through your act of consecration, are called to enter more and more into the refuge of my Immaculate Heart.
  3. — Share in my sorrow, for the great spread of materialism and hedonism in these countries, which have lived for decades under the painful yoke of atheistic communism. My Immaculate Heart has obtained the great grace of their liberation. But the diabolic and masonic forces are being unleashed, causing to enter, into them also, the evil which now contaminates the whole world, such as materialism, the mad quest for pleasure and money, the dissolute and obscene entertainment, the pornography and prostitution. And thus these poor children of mine are again even more threatened and are running a greater danger of being lost.
  4. — Share in my sorrow, for the spread of a subtle and insidious anticlericalism. The Church here has, for years, been persecuted, imprisoned, crucified and brought to martyrdom. I wish to recall, among all others, my beloved son, Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty, who has been a symbol and the precious victim of this bloody persecution.
  5. Now the Church is apparently free, but she is still being obstructed in her mission by the flood of practical atheism, by the sects, by indifferentism and nihilism among the youth, because of which many of them flee from religion and thus new vocations to the priestly and religious life are far too scarce.
  6. — Share in my sorrow, because here Freemasonry, with its hidden power, is in control, which leads to dissoluteness, to a loss of the sense of morality, to the exaltation of sexual liberty, to the destruction of the family through divorces, birth control and these abortions which are becoming more and more widespread and legitimized.
  7. And so then you understand how the fall of communism, which took place here in 1989 through a special intervention of my Immaculate Heart, becomes only a sign and anticipation of my one complete and greater victory.
  8. This victory will take place with the fall of practical atheism throughout all the world, with the defeat of the masonic and satanic forces, with the destruction of the great power of evil, and with the full triumph of God in a world, then completely purified by the great merciful chastisement.
  9. For this reason, I exhort you to filial abandonment, to confidence and to a great hope. My Immaculate Heart is your safe refuge, in which by me you are consoled and defended, protected and prepared to live out the longed-for and awaited hours of the triumph of divine mercy upon the world.”